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“Be prepared” is just good advice and Red Hook Outdoors has taken that to the extreme.  Camping gear today allows you to bring both the necessities and luxuries of home to the great outdoors.  From tents and backpacks to stoves and sleeping bags, Red Hook Outdoors has assembled all the products yo need to be comfortable and safe in the most extreme conditions.

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Red Hook Outdoors’ selection of quality Camping Gear & Supplies can prepare you for the sands of Smith Point Camping spots, on the shore of the Atlantic or the dense, pristine forests of the Adirondacks.  Whether backpacking on Long Island, camping in upstate New York, or visiting one of the Eastern Long Island campgrounds, Red Hook Outdoors has the items you need to make your campsite fit the terrain and the weather.

The latest in personal stoves, portable barbecues and camping cookware allows even bare bone campers to make delicious meals.  High tech sleeping bags, air mattresses and cots will have you comfortable and warm, dry and happy.  Personal care and medical kits will keep you clean, safe and ready for any emergency that may arise. 

Be prepared for the elements and the rough edges of living in the wild.  Whatever camping gear you need, Red Hook Outdoors has it in their online store for you to inspect and select.  Roughing it does not mean you have to go without.

Pack right by first selecting the best place to shop.  Visit Red Hook Outdoors for all of your Long Island camping supplies or wherever your journey takes you.  Let their expertise in outfitting make your next visit to the wilderness a very civilized one.

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Get camping supplies online that you simply cannot go camping without

When preparing a camping trip it is of vital importance that you have the latest camping supplies and leading survival camping gear to help you explore and be one with nature. Searching for camping gear online is no easy task, as you want your time spent in the outdoors to be comfortable without its becoming too burdensome to lug about.

Red Hook Outdoors makes sure you travel light and in style

Buy Camping Gear Online from an array of camping supplies online which includes essential camping supplies and survival camping gear like tents, backpacks, stoves and sleeping bags.

Red Hook Outdoors has featured many kinds of camping gear online, so whether you are visiting the Smith Point Camping spots, or want to spend a blissful night on the Atlantic shore you can quickly buy any of our camping supplies online on the go.

Red Hook Outdoors survival camping gear and camping supplies will help you set up camp in the densest forest of the Adirondacks and has the perfect camping gear online for backpacking through any place and season.

Make sure you pick the right equipment and gear

Portable barbecues, cookware, air mattresses and personal care and medical kits will keep you safe secure and comfortable when exploring the wilderness. These products also ensure your safety and security when you are going camping with your loved ones or even alone.

Red Hook Outdoors will give you many viable options and will make sure that you are fully prepared to face all the natural elements and unpredictability of camping. We believe that roughing to our doesn’t really have to be super tough and uncomfortable, you can enjoy the beauty of camping and the outdoors without being weighted down by it with the right camping supplies.

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