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12-20 Gauge Shotgun Pistol Grip - Buttstock Pistol, Black

12-20 Gauge Shotgun Pistol Grip - Buttstock Pistol, Black

Advanced Technology Intl
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Manufacture ID: SPG0100

ATI Shotgun Pistol Grip Stock

Full Length Design for Maximum Control!


Scorpion Recoil Pad:

- Impact is Absorbed
- Shooting any Load Size can now be Done with No Pain being Transferred to the Shooter
- Reduces the Challenge of Reacquiring the Target by Minimizing the Muzzle Lift
- Not Affected by Chemicals
- Remains Flexible in Extreme Temperatures
- Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil
- Removes Limitations from Spring and Piston Type Recoil Suppression System
- Non-slip, Removable

- Improves Shooting Accuracy
- Reduces Fatigue When Shooting Slugs and Turkey Loads
- Provides a Stronger Grip
- Slim Ergonomically Designed
- Non-Slip Pebble Grain Grip
- Uses Factory Stock Bolt
- Sling Swivel Stud
- Easy Installation
- Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer


- Fits: Most 12 Gauge Maverick 88, Mossberg 500/535/590/835, Remington 870 and Winchester 1200/1300 shotguns
- Color: Black


- Sling Swivel Studs Accepts ATI's Sling Swivel (Part Number A.5.10.2506) or any Standard Sling Swivel