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12V Pump w-12V Plug and Wash Down Hose

12V Pump w-12V Plug and Wash Down Hose

Zodi Outback Gear
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Manufacture ID: 1097

Easily attaches to any Zodi Hot Tap Shower, the 12 Volt pump delivers up to 1 gallon of water per minute and features a 10' cable, 12 Volt plug, easy-to-clean debris screen and standard garden hose connections. Use it as an accessory, replacement pump, washdown, bilge pump or a backup in case of emergencies. Universal garden hose fitting attaches to any garden hose.


- Universal garden hose fitting
- Powerful 12 volt submersible pump
- Intake water debris filter
- 12 volt plug with fuse
- 6' washdown hose


- Powerful design for ultra high water output
- Convenient 12 Volt plug with a 10' cord
- Universal garden hose fittings
- Narrow design for fitting into most containers
- Removable debris cap for easy cleaning
- Durable non-kinking washdown hose
- Convenient end attaches to other Zodi products
- Sets up in seconds, just connect to 12 volt power source

Note: This pump is not compatible with Zodi Hot Tap HP, Hot Tap or Zip Showers.