15 Piece, .22 Caliber Hybrid Cleaning Kit

Winchester Cleaning Kits

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15 Piece, .22 Caliber Hybrid Cleaning Kit
Manufacture ID: WIN22HY

The .22 Caliberber cleaning kit has been created to function as the most suitable method to make sure that your firearm is clean and thoroughly serviced. This gun cleaning kit through the experts at DAC Technologies are completed making use of resilient and reliable resources that will present you with a great deal of efficiency. DAC Technologies has been attempting to keep weapons clean for an exceptionally long period of time, and the is definitely the strong result of the time and effort they take to provide you with the most effective cleansing equipment for use on your gun. A

This hybrid .22 Caliber specific cleaning kit can be used to clean other calibers larger than a .22 Caliberber as well.

Kit Includes:

- Hybrid multi-function handle
- 3 piece solid rod
- 33" pull rod
- .22 Caliber brush
- .22 Caliber mop
- .22 Caliber slot tip
- .22 Caliber solid brass jag, brush and accessory adapter
- 6 piece bit set
- 25 cleaning patches

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