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320X5 Grip Module Assembly, 9, .40, and .357, Black

320X5 Grip Module Assembly, 9, .40, and .357, Black

Sig Sauer
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Manufacture ID: GRIP-X5-F-943-M-BLK

The Sig Sauer Grip Module for P320 has been manufactured to be a superb grip choice for nearly every handgun shooter. A proficient handgun grip is going to steady your shots whilst keeping your hands comfortable during your sessions. Thanks to the Sig Sauer Grip Module for P320, you will recognize that the means to access a top quality side arm grip is less complicated to obtain than before. Made using amazingly reliable supplies, these Handgun Grips from Sig Sauer are formulated utilizing the types of resilient materials you've come to expect out of this business. For a long time, Sig Sauer has been a reputed identity inside the pistol shooting community, and, aided by the Sig Sauer Grip Module for P320, they are able to show that they make every effort to make certain just about every shooter has got the grip they are going to need to be prosperous in almost any shooting opportunity. For a good way to be certain that you're using some of the best products the shooting community can give, select the Sig Sauer Grip Module for P320.


- Model: P320
- Fits: 9mm, .40 Auto and .357 Sig
- Frame Size: Full-Size
- Grip Size: Medium
- Color: Black