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AimSHOT KT8103 Green Laser Rifle Sight - Compact

AimSHOT KT8103 Green Laser Rifle Sight - Compact

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AimSHOT KT8103 Green Laser Rifle Sight - The KT8103 is our most modern green laser for rifles. It is more compact, durable and has more features compared to anything else in the class. Built in quick release and removable rail mounted pressure switch combined with 5mW green laser for the perfect combination! You can use the laser without the pressure switch by utilizing the on/off button on the unit, or plug in the rail mounted pressure switch and you have the best of both worlds. Another feature of the advanced circuitry is the unique pressure switch operation: Press and hold for momentary activation. Press twice quickly for constant on operation.
Green Laser Rifle Sight
Integrated adjustable quick release for picatinny rails
Four point alignment system for solid zero
Removable rail mounted pressure switch as well as on/off control on unit
Double tap pressure switch to leave laser on, tap again to turn off or traditional momentary on with constant pressure
5mW green laser runs 5+ hours on a single CR123A battery
Compact, waterproof design for lighter weight (7.3oz)