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Ambi Safety Kit

Ambi Safety Kit

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Manufacture ID: 55CA6D9

The Ambi Safety Kit deeply grooved levers on both sides of the receiver for easy ambidextrous operation. The large surface area lets you operate the safety while wearing gloves, and eliminates fumbling in the dark. Precision CNC machined: All pieces are precision CNC machined from solid bar stock steel and are deeply grooved for an ultra-secure grip under any condition, wet or dry. The BAD-ASS is a must have for the "south paw" and ambidextrous shooter. Smooth action: The "throw" action is 90 degrees and is smooth as glass with a positive, confident, and audible engagement/disengagement. Interchangeable levers: The levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides for maximum flexibility and user preference. You can customize your lever configuration by positioning the levers on the desired side of the receiver. Installation screws and hardware, 2 levers: one standard length and one short, Safety bar / axis CNC machined from solid bar steel are included in the package.


- Over sized levers for easy operation
- Precision CNC machined
- Smooth action
- Interchangeable levers
- Included are 2 levers: one standard length and one short


- Weight: 1.8 ounces