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Ambidextrous Inside-The-Pocket Holster Black - Size 1

Ambidextrous Inside-The-Pocket Holster Black - Size 1

Uncle Mikes
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Manufacture ID: 87441

A Better Means of Concealment Better Protection for Gun and Clothing. Lessens print-through and recognition of gun carried inside pants or jacket pocket. Open-top holster prevents movement of gun levers, buttons or catches common to loose pocket carry. Keeps lint, coins, or other objects from fouling gun or hindering draw. Grip-up positioning allows conventional shooting grip to be established before draw is made. Holster shape helps protect and guide hammer, frame or slide during draw.

Holster body made of a soft, suede-like material, open and closed-cell foam padding and a smooth nylon lining, all in a waterproof laminate. Laminated construction conceals outline of gun, cushions wearer's leg from gun's sharp contours and provides a barrier against perspiration. One-inch-wide strap of non-slip material surrounds holster body to retain holster in pocket when gun is drawn.

Size Chart
1 - Small Auto's (.22-.25 Calibers)

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.