Ammunition Shotgun Cartridge Sling, Black

GrovTec US

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Manufacture ID: GTSL31

GrovTec takes pride in building the best performing sling systems available on the market today. The GrovTec Premium Padded slings are built to exceed the most demanding conditions and rigorous use. GrovTec insists on using quality materials and superior construction techniques to ensure your sling will accept every challenge that you throw at it. Quite simply put we have built you the best tool for the job.


- Individual shell loops keep your extra ammo handy
- Holds four shotgun shells
- Non-skid durable material; Extra wide pad has tapered design to spread weight over a greater area
- Integrated thumb loop relieves tension and stabilizes the firearm


- Type: Shotgun Cartridge Sling
- Material: Nylon
- Dimensions: 48" x 1"
- Color: Black

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