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AR Single Mag Pouch - Urban Gray

AR Single Mag Pouch - Urban Gray

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Manufacture ID: CVAR1MP2929U

NcStar Folding Dump Pouch - Tan


- The Folding Dump Pouch allows you to quickly store your Shooting Gear into a convenient pouch when you need it.
- The Dump Pouch folds flat into a compact size when not in use. Size Folded: 5L X 5H X 1W
- The Dump Pouch unfolds into a large pouch, able to hold 7 AR or AK 30 round magazines. Size Opened: 7L X 8H X 3W
- A Large Adjustable Elastic Draw Cord Opening allows easy access into the pouch.
- With the Elastic Draw Cord pulled in it helps secure the contents into the pouch.
- Velcro Flap to secure contents inside the pouch.
- A 2nd Elastic Draw Cord to secure the Velcro Flap out of the way of the Opening for easy access into the pouch.
- The Dump Pouch has two PAL Straps on the back side to secure onto MOLLE Compatible Gear.
- Drain Grommet located on the bottom of the Dump Pouch.
- Constructed with Heavy Duty PVC Fabric.