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AR T6 Collapsible Stock - Dark Earth

AR T6 Collapsible Stock - Dark Earth

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Manufacture ID: 16762

Component of the Intrafuse Rifle System.

With TAPCO's military and law enforcement customers in mind, the T6 collapsible stock has been designed with necessary improvements over traditional models. Reinforced latch supports and a thicker buttplate ensures the stock assembly will provide a solid platform for engaging your target. The six position stock fits the weapon to the shooter regardless of body type or the individual equipment being worn. It is ideal when operating in confined environments or when compact storage is required. Sold as a complete installation kit, the T6 stock includes the receiver extension, buffer with spring, locking nut with plate, and sling swivel. Manufactured of military grade composite for years of use. Fits the AR15, M16 and M4.

Features & Benefits:

- 6 Positions
- Solid Locking
- Lifetime Guarantee
- Dark Earth
- Commercial