Competition Reflex Holster - Size 09, Black, Left Hand

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Competition Reflex Holster - Size 09, Black, Left Hand
Manufacture ID: 74099

This molded competition model blends the street-proven, ultra-reliable I.R.T. (Integrated Retention Technology) with a removable holster system. Now competition shooters can safely store their firearms between stages and then reattach them in the same belt position every time.

Designed to meet the challenge of performing on the biggest stage with gross motor skill function in almost any condition, the new Competition Reflex allows professionals to enter each course of fire with confidence that their firearm is secure and can be drawn as fast as a Reflex.

Made in the USA


- Integrated Retention Technology uses a fast, simple grip and twist action to release firearm for draw
- Removable holster system allows quick detach and positive reattachment
- Injection molded impact-modified polymer construction


- Fits: S&W M&P
- Hand: Left Hand
- Color: Black

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