Gear Aid - Outdoor Sewing Kit


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Gear Aid - Outdoor Sewing Kit
Manufacture ID: 80051

Don't let a rip, tear, puncture or failed seam turn you into a go-homer. Use this specialized Outdoor Sewing Kit to perform high quality surgery on your tents, jackets, sleeping bags, packs, either at home or in the field. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair.

Ideal for: Individuals and small groups. Light weight. Comes with instructions and a gear repair manual.


- 1 Bobbin #69 Olive Green
- 1 Thimble
- 1 Button, Black, #20
- 1 Button, Black #24
- 1 Seam Ripper
- 2 Sewing Needle, #18, Chenille
- 2 Sewing Needle #16, Yarn
- 3 Pins, Straight
- 2 Safety Pins

Collections: Camping, Tent Accessories

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