Goby Paddle Tail - 3 5-8", Number 2-0 Hook Size, Variable Depth, Natural

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Goby Paddle Tail - 3 5/8", Number 2/0 Hook Size, Variable Depth, Natural
Manufacture ID: GOB90PT605

Gobies are an invasive species found in the Great Lakes and Northern Regions. Ideal for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike. Cast and retrieve or slow drift on bottom. Three baits per package, each with built-in weight and premium hook.


- Model: GOB90PT Paddle Tail
- Type Of Water: Freshwater
- Size: 3 5/8"
- Hook Size: #2/0
- Style: Medium Sink
- Depth: Variable
- Weight: 3/4 oz
- Color: Natural

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