Modular Molle Pistol Holster - Digital Camo


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Modular Molle Pistol Holster - Digital Camo
Manufacture ID: CVHOL2953D

NcStar Ambidextrous Modular MOLLE Holster, Digital Camo


- Innovative ambidextrous modular MOLLE holster that is fully configurable for full size and compact semi autos without or with tactical flashlights/lasers
- With a grid of eyelets, this holster can be configured to fit various sizes and shapes of pistols. it can also be custom configured to fit around tactical flashlights/lasers mounted onto the frame of the pistol
- With the use of the supplied tube spacers and bungee cords, the holster can be custom fitted to most pistol without or with tactical flashlights and/or lasers
- Included are three different types of retention features that can be used to keep the pistol secured to the holster: adjustable thumb-snap, grip retention bungee cord with pull tab, and 1" nylon grip retention strap with quick connect buckles
- With MOLLE webbing on both side this can be configured as a left or right handed holster. feature also makes the holster easy to attached to other MOLLE compatible gear
- Two removable MOLLE straps with snap-button enclosure for attaching to MOLLE webbing
- Eight each optional rubber tube spacers, 2 each: bungee cords, cord locks, 1 each wooden stick tool for 1" thumb snap hook and loop height adjustments, 1" webbing w/snap button for holster muzzle stop

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