Off-Eye Optical Lens Filters - Frost Kit

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Off-Eye Optical Lens Filters - Frost Kit
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Rarely do advanced shooters shoot with both eyes open. The advantage of both eyes open is 3-D depth preception, field of view and peripheral vision. Binocular vision gives us the ability to pick up on a moving target quicker and react more accurately and efficiently. For shotgun, rifle, handgun and archery. This patented product allows full-time use of a dominant aiming eye and allows the shooter to keep both eyes open. OffEye™ filters are the first shooting aid designed to not block your vision but to hone the way your eyes perceive the target.


- Removable, reusable and convenient vinyl cling
- Fits all types of eye protection lens
- Maintain situational awareness

Collections: Eyewear, Shooting & Traps

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