Trout (Parr) - Freshwater, 5", 8-0 Hook, Medium-Slow Sinking, Silver-Olive

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Trout (Parr) - Freshwater, 5", 8/0 Hook, Medium/Slow Sinking, Silver/Olive
Manufacture ID: TRS131MS712

LIVETARGET offers two variations of the Trout Swimbait. The smaller size has the juvenile features of a Parr Trout. The color patterns reflect the light and dark appearances commonly found with this species. The Parr has a tight wiggle action. Freshwater.


- Type of Water: Freshwater
- Size: 5"
- Hook Size: 8/0
- Sink Weight: Medium-Slow
- Weight: 1 1/4 oz.
- Color: Silver/Olive

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